Ethically Produced in Denver, CO

She flows like

The Willow

Go and see

You'll find her under the


Wearing rose

and reading while


The Willow

Once Upon a Willow Tree

Once Upon a Willow Tree is a story of welcoming whimsical, playful energy through my newest collection of dresses. It's inspired by a beautiful Weeping Willow that was planted by my Grandpa Eli. This memory connects me to my inner child, reminding me to explore and dream.

I've entered into a fresh place of design that feels hopeful and full of color. Over the next few months we'll be showing you new feminine, flirty dresses with more detail while still offering the same level of comfort and versatility of the past designs.

Thank you for stopping by my shop and for supporting me through a year of what feels like several new beginnings.



Willow & Posey Collection

Agnes Wrap Dress

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The Milly dress (and Mini Milly too!)

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Our newest color blocked Styles in rose & Ash

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