Our Process


Welcome to Meçlâ!

Below you will find more information about production, who I work with and plan to work with, as well as a little more details about my rebrand.

At the bottom of the page I've listed a Facing Racism class I'll be taking soon as well as this months donations. 


All of the production for our private label takes place in Denver, CO. My original samples in the photo above were made by We Made This, a welcoming center for refugees that offers skills and training through a multi-cultural sewing program.  Currently, I'm sewing the Meçlâ collection in my home studio. Although I do not have employees, I'm growing and have some things in the works! I'm hoping to hire a seamstress from We Made This for one of our made-to-order styles. We are in the beginning stages of the conversation. (I've recently switched to made-to-order for the majority of our garments unless it was already made pre-Covid.) Also, I'll be working with a very talented designer who will help me with patterns as well as sewing! I'll be making the announcement and introduction soon! We are excited to work together and grow together! 

As time goes on, I will continue to hire and build relationships with Denver's extremely talented BIPOC fashion designers, pattern makers, seamstresses, stylists, make-up artists, and models. 


We use deadstock fabric sourced from L.A. and we do our best to make natural fibers a priority. I am designing my first Turkish lineage collection that is planned to come out in the Fall 2020. The fabric for this collection will be handloomed and naturally dyed cotton fromTurkey. 

The Re-brand 

I opened my shop Slow Soul Life in November 2019. At the time, I planned to offer my own private label as well as other sustainable and ethical designers.  In April 2020, I realized my true passion is designing and sewing so I made a commitment to focus solely on my clothing line. It also felt more authentic to use my name, Meçlâ, for my business as I continue a journey to connect to my Turkish roots and to my family. 

 Although I will continue to receive merchandise from other designers through this summer, I will not be buying other designer clothing collections for future seasons. It's possible I will continue to carry jewelry and accessories.  I’m currently offering one local fine jewelry line, Talisman. If this turns out to be the case, I am committed to diversify by selling several Black owned jewelry and accessory brands. 

Thank you so much for supporting me on this journey. 



 "Facing Racism Cohort"  please join me! Starts in August! 

Black Lives Matter

 -Monthly Donations

Scarf Project with We Made This 100% is donated back to the artists. New colors be listed on the website soon! 

This month, donations have gone to Soul 2 Soul Sisters, GoFundMe Justice for Breonna Taylor, Black Visions Collective, and a local Minnesota fund raiser by Roots for the Soul.