Mimi Shim Studio

Born in South Korea, adopted and given new life by a Denver family, grew up, and lived in cities around the USA, fulfilling a dream of working as a professional fashion designer. Chicago > Los Angeles > New York City > and back around to Denver.

After a 12 year apparel / sweater / accessories design career, I’m putting my artistic and sewing skills in the forefront. From creating custom heirloom garments and quilts, to reviving your closet with my “altered closet service”, and creating an ongoing capsule collection of curated goods.

 Currently residing in Denver, CO with husband Zach, son Oliver, and Clio the cat - I live for… lazy cozy days at home with my loves, homemade pasta and red sauce, and learning about outer space and everything science, the human state, and this crazy world that we are living in.