Our Process


Ethical Production

All of our designing and production takes place in Denver, CO. Currently we have a team of two people. Meçlâ designs and sews the very first sample, then it is handed over to another local designer, Mimi Shim Studio,  to make the pattern as well as sew the orders. They work closely together to get the fit and sizing right before the style is launched. 

We are transitioning out of made-to-order into very small runs of production. Depending on how our sales go, we will make 2-6 pieces of each style and color starting October 1, 2021.



All of our clothing is made from deadstock fabric from LA. This means that the fabric we purchase is similar to the idea of thrifting for clothing. We buy from a warehouse that is full of fabric that has been over produced by large companies or considered slightly flawed. 

More about us

Fashion is far from sustainable, but we hope to make a difference by only making what we can sell and by designing clothing that will last. We value ethical working conditions, livable wages, and local production. We also love our diverse Denver community and often work with and support other local women-owned, creative  businesses. 

We also donate clothing to Karan Rising, a non-profit that supports survivors of human trafficking. In the Fall, we'll be planning an event with them around sustainable fashion and raising awareness of human trafficking in the fast fashion industry.